20 June 2022

Waste water and water treatment

Bauer Gear Motor High quality solutions for the most demanding applications – Water and Waste Water Market

With the improvement of the economy, China's overall sewage discharge continues to grow, reaching about 60 billion cubic meters in 2021. Sewage treatment is of great significance to protect the ecological environment, ensure people's health and quality of life, improve waste utilization and the environment.

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06 June 2022

Eliminating forklift brake performance inconsistency in cold room environments

While cold rooms are essential for storing products in the food and beverage industry, the very conditions that allow preservation present a very real challenge to power transmission equipment.

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23 May 2022

oil drilling system

Custom deep drilling systems uses Stromag IBV Eddy Current brakes

Working under extreme conditions, it is important that powertrain assemblies on drilling systems perform with ultimate reliability. This is especially true of the drawworks, which reels the drilling line in and out during operation.

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20 April 2022

Stage Limit Switch

Stromag Series 51 limit switches deliver show stopping performance for theatre installations

A well produced theatre experience is capable of entrancing the audience to the point that they are fully emersed. Ironically, this means that most theatre goers fail to appreciate the engineering required to move the lights, scenery and props that contribute to a memorable performance.

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29 March 2022

Very Thin Brakes for Cobot

New product Launch: AO LI XI - 5G“7 mm” Extreme Thin Brake

China's industrial economy has shown strong resilience and vitality to deal with complex and severe situations, and the robot industry has risen.

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